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Colour Me Blue

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4 reasons why ‘feeling blue’ has a new meaning!

What are the top five things that come to mind when someone mentions the colour ‘Blue’? Aside from the much-dreaded Monday mornings, blue signifies water, earth, royalty, the endless sky, the sapphire stone, topaz, a part of the rainbow spectrum – it could mean a million things to a million people and yet, it never stops being the colour that resonates a feeling of calm and dependability. Unlike its most obvious connotation, blue is all things calm and peaceful. It’s the colour of truth, responsibility and authority; and this year, Classic Blue is Pantone’s chosen colour of the year 2020. 

50 Shades of Blue

Well truly, not as many, but when it comes to jewellery, there’s enough for you to choose from and make sure you own all of them. Blue enamelled jewellery and gemstones like bright turquoise to the vibrant lapis lazuli, the subtle iolite to the intense and shiny sapphire, to name a few! Each of these can be combined in more ways than one to make you play the role of the shining star that you are. With our expertise in finding and handcrafting the most precious jewels, is the one destination for your need for all-things-blue. Whether it is your wish to own the best sapphire stones, enhancing and refurbishing your old jewellery with blue stones within your budget, we’ve got enough options to indulge all your blue desires. Besides, owning colourful baubles is always a good idea, isn’t it?

Colour Me Blue

You’d be surprised at how versatile the colour can be, especially to match the Indian skin. The warm undertones of our beautiful skin tone contrast the cool hues of blue stones for a dramatic appearance for evening and occasion wear. A fancy beaded necklace or even a simple pair of sapphire studs can bring a boring white work shirt to life with ease. Why restrict the fab jewellery top your workwear? A classic combination goes perfectly with a classic white shirt and blue denim too, we’d say. Much like a pair of sapphire earrings can add a dash of elegance to your cocktail outfit, even a little black dress. Depending on the shade of the colour you choose, it can bring versatility, exuberance and life to any outfit you may wear. A blue enamelled jhoomars or chandbalis earrings, for example, when worn with an Indian outfit speaks not only of the wearer’s good taste but reflects abundance. A blue polki bangle is a perfect sparkle for a statement-yet-elegant look for an evening out.

Feeling Blue This 2020

The folks at Pantone must know the potential the colour Blue holds in determining this decades fashion trends, right? The colour forecast for 2020 is bang on spot. With designers, the world over going blue – quite literally – jewellery must not be left behind either. It’s the colour of royalty; no doubt, a well-made piece of jewellery paired with the right outfit could ensure you’re the missing secret ingredient from any party. It’s sophisticated and makes the wearer stand out without going overboard. Besides, since you’re ‘with it’ with the global trend, there’s no stopping you!

Destination Blue!

Where else besides Jaipur Jewels will you find the perfect jewellery to match your taste and aesthetics? Pick your baubles for the year with the most elegant jewellery in the business at our stores in Mumbai, New Delhi and Varanasi. You may just strike gold 😉

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