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Express Your Love With Solitaire

  • 3 mins read

At half the price. Up to 50% off

Diamonds are timeless. Whether it’s an engagement ring you’re looking for your fiancée, a pair of solitaire studs to gift your mom on her birthday, an understated yet brilliant anniversary present or a glitteringly sincere apology, no woman can say no to the sparkling stones diamonds are.

Here’s why solitaires make for the perfect buy, especially when you purchase them at Jaipur Jewels this Valentine’s Day.

That instance of love at first sight

Your love story started with Coup de foudre – French for that ‘unforeseen moment of attraction’ – and it deserves something equally attractive, outstanding and extraordinary. Jaipur Jewels have a vast range of offerings in solitaire diamonds at an irresistible offer of up to 50% off. From different cuts like the exquisite round, oval, emerald, marquise; the brilliant and shiny cushion and trillion; and the modified yet beautiful princess cuts all make for a visual treat. With varieties ranging from an affordable 0.5ct, all the way up to the exorbitant 10ct and above, there are diamonds big enough to match your sheen and exuberance. After all, your love deserves the best… and more!

Don’t need any man to buy a diamond

Diamonds do make for some of the best presents, but the expression of love needn’t be restricted to the ancient belief they must come from a man. The hard-working and independent women of today can yield to their whims… buy their own cars and diamonds without a man’s funding. The next time you’re out and about for the next binge at the Jaipur Jewels boutiques, indulge in solitaire rings, gift yourself a diamond band, bracelet, solitaire necklace, earrings, a fancy brooch, and more.

Customise your love

Whether it’s a solitaire pendant you’ve bought for your mum on your parents’ anniversary, or popping the question by dunking this beautiful gem in a glass of champagne, mark the occasion by asking for our exclusive services to personalise your jewellery-buying experience. Not only is it a timeless gift for your loved ones, but you’ll also earn extra brownie points for showing the little mushy part of your personality too!

In us you trust

Not only do we at Jaipur Jewels confidently ask you to lay your trust in us, but we also take extra pride in the attention to detail we put in while selecting the perfect, most brilliant pieces. Since we believe in perfection and excellence, be assured the diamonds you’re going to be flaunting are a labour of love and hard work. We seek transparency in the buying process and pass the same on to the customers by way of proper certification and of the highest quality. Relevant certifications are available and the stones we bring to you are all vouched for by certifying bodies GIA and IGI. The House of Jaipur Jewels brings creations that bear the hallmark of quality, perfection, and excellence.

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