When it comes to care and maintenance, it does take some effort to prevent your precious baubles from spoiling, blackening or loosening.

Jewellery Care Tips

It’s important that you handle your jewellery with care. Apply perfumes, colognes, skin care products and hairspray, before you put on your jewellery.

It goes without saying that storing jewellery pieces separate from others, wrapped in cotton pads in an airtight box prolongs their life and keeps them devoid of scratches and other wear and tear.

Remember, to wear jewellery at the end – after putting on the outfit, make up and perfume and get those precious pieces polished at regular intervals.

All your jewellery, no matter the composition, should be cleaned regularly to ensure they remain as beautiful as the first time you bought them. Here’s some tips from our in-house jewellery experts. 

According to our jewellery experts, you must protect your jadau jewellery from both air and water. Keep it wrapped in a piece of cloth (we recommend velvet and/or suede to prolong the life and avoid scratches), away from moisture and other pieces of jewellery to extend the life of those precious pieces.

Moisture is the biggest factor that causes blemishes and darkening of stones and its enameling. Keeping it at a safe, dry place is half the battle won.

If you’ve had jadau jewellery for a significant period of time, regular upkeep is as important. Jewellery that has fallen victim to slight staining can be dealt with at home itself. Identify the stains and erase them with a regular eraser.

 A word of caution: do not use hot or boiling water to clean jadau jewellery. This might do more harm than good… especially if your trinkets are studded with other precious or semi-precious stones like opal, coral and pearls.  

Ensure the jewellery is dried in a proper manner. Wearing jewellery that is wet might spell doom for the expensive jewellery you’ve invested so dearly in. water, even a few drops of it, if accumulated on a piece may spoil it entirely.

Use a silica pouch while storing your jewellery in order to absorb moisture. It also helps prevent the piece from tarnishing and cracking.

Another handy tip our jewellery pros share is to brush the jadau pieces with some powder before and after use. This helps keep it shining for years to come.

It may be the hardest stone known to humankind, but diamonds need to be treated with more caution that you give it due. Hard as they may be, if worn in a rugged environment, can lead to the solidified carbon stones to chip, thus losing their value, and their charm.

While it’s pertinent that you take your jewellery for clean-up at least once a year to the jeweller for a thorough and professional cleaning, a simple home remedy, if practiced regularly, can also help prolong the life and shine of those baubles. In fact, precious jewellery lasts longer if serviced regularly.

Rhodium plating and claw re-tipping keeps any fear of lost shine or losing pieces at bay.

For a quick clean-up at home, soak your trinkets in a simple solution made from warm water and some cloudy ammonia for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush the jewellery to remove dirt, and your brilliant rhinestones are as good as new.

Emerald, rubies and sapphires need to be cared for like gentle babies. These precious stones are highly sensitive to external factors and need to be wiped after every use or they tend to break or chip. These gemstones attract oil, hence it is important to wipe them clean with a soft cloth after wearing and before storing.

Some gemstones like emeralds, opal and tanzanite are subject to internal stress that could shatter the pieces. These stones, and delicately set pieces such as invisibly set (like Kaleidoscope) or tension set jewellery (this includes baguette-cut diamonds and pave set jewellery) are to be handled with extra care. One should avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner for delicate gemstones as they could crack or craze under the intense environment.

Gemstones are soft, unlike diamonds, and they wear out over time. Watch for signs of aging and wearing down if you wear them regularly.

Chipping, dullness in appearance and worn down facets are all signs to tell you that it’s time for polishing. 

If you own pearls, you definitely have exquisite taste, but caring for them is equally important. Pearls must be kept separate from other jewellery, preferably in a soft cloth bag, for the slightest friction might cause scraping, scratching or more damage.

Wipe your pearls clean with a soft cloth after every use. It’s crucial that you do not use detergent or liquids to clean your pearls – this will affect the natural elements within.

Our master jewellery makers strongly suggest that you get your pearls restrung every two years, as the state of the silk or nylon they’re woven in, will wear over time.

Also, when donning pearl jewellery, let it be the last item of jewellery you wear. Put your pearls on right before you leave the house as exposure to any substance (eg., perfume) may affect their composition and luster.

Upkeep and maintenance of pure gold jewellery is relatively easier as compared to that encrusted with gemstones, diamonds and jadau.

A white gold ring, for example, can be treated easily with Rhodium polishing, in case the colour begins to wear off, tarnished or becomes discoloured. Rhodium plating is used on white gold jewellery to create a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish. There’s visible improvement in the shine and durability of your white gold jewellery by applying a thin layer of rhodium electroplating to jewellery, but that’s a job for your jeweller.

For regular cleaning at home, a simple solution of warm water and mild soap is enough for basic cleaning. 

Bespoke remodeling is an option for someone who has a piece of jewellery that they would like created into something else.

When it comes to jewellery maintenance Jaipur Jewels can help you with the timely maintenance of its wear and tear.

If you’re looking for a modern take on an heirloom piece, our experts at our state-of-the-art design studio are there to advise you and redesign your jewellery as per your liking while retaining the essence of its legacy.