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Shiva in your Treasure Chest

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Times Change, Gold is for Keeps.

Art isn’t always found on the walls of art galleries. With the right knowledge of jewellery, its history, and a good eye for it, you could even sport one (or more) masterpiece in your jewellery box. Temple jewellery goes back many centuries, and as traditions go, a prized piece of temple jewellery is a must-have in every woman’s jewellery box. Etched with figures of Gods and Goddesses by craftsmen of Southern India, every piece is a work of art in itself. Whether there’s a wedding around the corner or not, it’s always a good time to add one of these artful pieces of jewellery to your collection. 

Shiva Connection

This Shiva necklace from our ‘Kanaka’ collection is handcrafted to perfection in solid 22k gold, embellished with 24cts rubies & 30cts polkis. It is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from the House of Jaipur Jewels that pays tribute to the Pagan God in its own unique way. A proud presentation dedicated to the mighty God, it’s indeed an heirloom piece that will find appreciation and acceptance even by the coming generations. 

Divinity in Detail

At Jaipur Jewels, we are known for the attention we pay to detail, and this necklace, inspired by Lord Shiva is no different. Elements synonymous with Lord Shiva – his weapon, the Trishul as a symbol of protection, his drum that’s meant for celebration and rejoicing, Shiva’s third eye, his beloved animal – Nandi the bull and more are handcrafted and woven into this necklace to represent the immense power of the divine. These intricately crafted symbolic motifs are detailed etchings of the Indian deity’s various adornments. 

Lord Shiva the Creator, and the Preserver

Gold is symbolic of wealth, growth, prosperity, and long-term thinking. Shiva is known for three aspects – the creator of this world, the preserver of all good on this planet and the destroyer of evil. Bringing Shiva home in the form of jewellery could be a sign of prosperity, hence temple jewellery such as this makes for a great purchase. A great wedding present to your daughter, the perfect purchase to mark an auspicious day or just the best buy for the next generation, this necklace will serve the purpose. Here’s a piece of jewellery you’d appreciate for more reasons than one. Gold is for keeps and instead of saving for a hay day, consider a purchase such as this an investment into your family’s future… a legacy you’d one day pass on to your daughter or daughter-in-law.

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