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Jaipur Jewels: The Party Edit

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We’re racing towards the end of the year and 2019 is ready to go down with a bang. When 2019 gave you every reason to celebrate and the hope that 2020 doesn’t disappoint either should be the only thought on your mind. Why not add some sparkle to the season with some of our top picks, especially for the Party animals…


Femininity overflows with a classic stack-up of bracelets like these. Complementing each outfit you might wear, these stackable jewellery items are not only versatile but make a statement even if you were to wear them individually. And once the parties are over (we hope not), use them with daily wear, workwear or even Indian wear with equal ease without being too flamboyant. Subtle as they may look, these diamond and other precious stones-encrusted pieces might just end up being your favourites before 2020 arrives.



Indulgence is subjective. To us, these fashion-forward diamond rings not only make a definitive statement about your good taste, they speak the language of self-confidence and flamboyance. A woman who’s confident in her skin and isn’t afraid to wear that confidence in style. Finest quality stones and our exclusive designs are just a few of the things you deserve to pamper yourself with. Besides, if all eyes are going to be on you this party season, why not go all the way and make it worth your while?


The modern woman is elegance personified and adds a sparkle wherever she goes. A nice cocktail dress offset with a pair of beautiful chandelier earrings speaks of elegance and good taste. After all, celebrations shouldn’t be reserved for a particular month or season. When you celebrate life all year long, the year-end parties are just another way of adding cheer to your outfit and to life! So go ahead… jingle all the way into 2020!



Nothing makes us happier than adding the extra glam to your look on any given day. These strings of diamonds are meant to deliver that extra dazzle to an evening of fantasy and merry-making. As you roll into the coming year, play a little game of hide-and-seek. We assure you’d be caught in an instant coz your shining personality, will only enhance further with these diamonds. It’s guaranteed to not miss a single onlooker’s eyes!



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