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Piroheé – The Art of Stringing

  • 4 mins read

Stringing new life into old jewellery, one bead at a time!

String art, or as we call it, Piroheé – is the age-old craft that we at Jaipur Jewels have perfected over the years. This soothing, therapeutic art form not only puts a new punch in your old jewellery, it creates pieces that have a new life of their own. Even though it sounds like a simple process, a whole lot of expertise goes into suggesting the best course for revamping, restyling and re-customising these pieces of jewellery for you. Our inhouse designers are equipped to breathe life into these old pieces by suggesting the best look and design to suit your taste, budgets and preference.

Here are 6 reasons why Piroheé, an exclusive service offered by Jaipur Jewels is an option you must consider to revive and revamp some old pieces.

Redesign and keep it trendy

At Jaipur Jewels Design Studio we breathe a new life into your old pieces by redesigning the pieces by stringing precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our in-house designers will guide you on how to turn an older piece of jewellery into a modern, updated version of itself without having to spend a fortune on buying new jewellery.


Two heads are better than one, right? So when your imagination is guided by our designers, our expert craftsmen ensure the finished product is well above what you imagined. A piece of jewellery you may have once written off ‒ it gives our artists as much creative joy in reviving your old pieces as much as it would give you to flaunt your newly beaded creation. The common goal being the resurrection of jewellery you’d written off, got bored of or one that lost relevance, and creating a masterpiece you’d be proud to own and wear.


Your heirloom brooch can be turned to a choker that’s 2020-approved ‒ without having to melt it and lose its vintage existence. Now that’s a great way of saving timeless pieces or even retaining some favourites that may have seen the test of time but are pieces you’d still want to hold on to. Restore and refurbish these cherished jewels and preserve your family’s heritage by letting our master artisans weave a completely new piece of jewellery out of your old one.

Get that jewellery out of the lockers

Most of us buy jewellery that, barring from one or two big events in the year, never sees the light of day. Moving along with the times, here’s a solution to help convert your heavy pieces into smaller, everyday-use items that can be paired well with your everyday wear with ease and versatility. Jewellery that has been stashed away, for it’s too heavy to be worn regularly can be turned into pieces that look art-inspired, keeping their ethnicity intact at the same time.

Preserve those sentiments

Some heirloom pieces, beautiful as they may be, lose relevance in today’s fast-moving times. That then is not only an utter waste of some magnificent jewellery being locked up for no fault of its own but also prevents the craft of the master craftsmen that created those stunning pieces from being displayed to the world. Our Piroheé studio helps find creative expression for these pieces and make them relevant for present-day use. Your grandmother’s sentiments can be restyled in a way that you can flaunt with your trendy ensemble. What once was a passé piece of jewellery can be turned into something that retains its old-school charm along with modern-day relevance. And that’s definitely the solution to every jewellery owner’s problems, we’d say!

Colour me crazy

When you visit our Piroheé studio, not only do we give you endless options to customise your jewellery, we spoil you for choice! For starters, there is a wide spectrum of colours to choose from. Whatever you may want to pair your newly refurbished jewellery with, we’ve got a colour for all moods. The choice is endless. From beads in all colours and materials – gold and silver being popular, but also a huge variety to suit and please all budgets; precious (emeralds, rubies, sapphires) and semi-precious gemstones (aquamarine, coral, amethyst, peridot) your customisation is executed to the T. This flexibility of fitting the customisation within a certain the budget also allows you to redo the same pieces in a different colour and style to make this an ongoing experiment at a later stage.

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