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All that Glitters is Gold!

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Gold investment - The golden bridge to our future.

Did you know that any good financial advisor would always recommend a timely investment of your hard-earned money in gold? It is suggested that up to 30% of your assets should consist of gold (gold bars, gold jewellery, gold coins) or in the form of bonds. If you’ve been one of the lucky few who did invest in gold prior to the pandemic, now’s your time to reap the rewards. If not, we’d say you still haven’t lost much. It’s never too late to learn the lesson, move on and wisen up as far as investments go.

Why gold? Why now?

If the current pandemic has brought along a lesson, it is that everything is uncertain. What did remain stable, however, was the price of gold. After an initial hit, gold is the one commodity that bounced back on its feet almost as fast as it fell. Kingdoms and governments take forever to stabilize, but in a progressive economy, gold doesn’t. It’s not only a solid investment in one’s present, the factor of uncertainty that’s common among all other investments: real estate, bank savings, market investments, etc – is much lower, liquidity higher (globally), and faces a relatively more secure future. It’s a fact that nothing other than this precious metal sees the kind of exponential growth and return ratio.

Double security blanket

History is proof that gold is the equivalent of wealth and power. But in the current times, authenticity can be worrisome. Buying gold from reliable sources, such as Jaipur Jewels, you get peace of mind as an additional bonus. All gold coins and other purchases come with a certificate of authenticity, a rainy day can be made secure. Besides, even statistics back up gold as a fool-proof investment option. While the gold rate was ₹4400 back in 2000, the current rate is in the vicinity of ₹44,000. We’ll let you do the math and decide for yourself the returns you’d get in a 20-year window.

Window of opportunity

Given the current times, we at Jaipur Jewels want to encourage you to invest in the golden glory. For this, we’re currently offering a flat 50% discount on the making charges of all gold jewellery at the store.

Furthering the ease of purchase, you can purchase gold coins here.

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