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AANAM C / OCTOBER 21, 2015

  • 4 mins read

The wedding season is pretty much here, and I have to admit, I’m more excited than usual. Let me make it clear before your thinking goes on fast forward mode – I’m not getting married, but two of my close friends, and one of my cousins are – so this season is going to be extra special for me. There’s so much to look forward to at a time this festive, with all the sangeet rehearsals, outfit fittings, food tastings and more. But my favourite thing from them all (sort of a no brainer) has to be the process of putting together my looks for the each of the functions.

When I was in my early teens, I always paid more attention to the outfit, hair and makeup; but being in my early twenties now, I can safely say that what I love more than anything is the idea of summing up ‘whole look’, jewellery, shoes, little accessories, all included. Through the next few weeks, the What When Wear team is going to put together a range of stories for the wedding season, and this post is kicking off the first topic we have at hand: the jewellery.

So what is it about jewellery that makes it so precious? Well, to me, it’s all about being able to put together something that looks grand. Something that adds value to my look, and I don’t mean in terms of the price tag, but in fact the heritage of it. I’m an absolute old soul when it comes to the classic things like gold and diamonds. I love things that will be able to get passed on from one generation to the other, little style centric heirlooms of sorts. They could be in the form of diamonds, gold jewellery, or as in the case I put together looks for today, that of uncut diamonds, from Jaipur Jewels‘ newest collection. What’s more? This fits in perfectly with the brand’s history in the business, apart from the fact they’re one of the biggest retailers for jewellery so fine and unique.

The new collection of bridal jewellery, comes out at the auspicious time of Dussehra at Jaipur Jewels this season. Their Sarvrati collection is particularly special because it has something for all moods of a modern Indian woman – whether you’re looking for something for the festive season, or for a close one’s wedding – if not your own. The brand brings with it over 100 years of experience in creating some of the richest jewellery; jewellery that an only uplift the richenss of ones’ trousseau – or as in my case, wedding wardrobe. Being part of the POPxo Blogger Network, I was invited to browse through the collection personally, and as I went on from one piece to another, I knew I had to share them with you, to show you the beauty of each of them. I’ve picked out a few key pieces which I felt were flexible to be taken from one look to another. Personally, I prefer to wear light jewellery with heavy outfits, and heavy jewellery with light ones, so as to create a sense of balance in my look. So I opted for this gorgeous nude gown from Jennifer Mehta’s collection, which embodied the balance of modern-meets-traditional, just like the jewellery did. Scroll on and have a look at some of my favourites

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