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THE INVINCIBLE BRIDE – Jaipur Jewels MYGA Collection

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“What is your bride personality” , a question which until recently, no one would dream ask a bride .  Until now, there was only one-way for a bride to be which was demure and ladylike. I remember my sister’s wedding day, we were all about an hour late for her pheras, making our way down the hotel passage. My sister had hiked up her lehenga  and started brisk walking towards the elevator. A bunch of our relatives immediately fell upon her, adjusting this and tugging that, whilst berating her for her apparent un bride- like behavior.

Why should we be shy and demure when we enter the mandap, fluttering our lashes like does, dressed in the done to death ensembles, posing for the mind numbingly boring photographs which no one wants to look at.

Brides today are different and empowered; we are independent thinkers with a strong sense of self. We embrace our uniqueness and celebrate our distinct personalities. I for one refused to adhere to the so-called traditional bridal style for my wedding last February.

This is what lies at the heart of the Jaipur Jewel’s bridal collection called MYGA; the spirit of the invincible bride. MYGA simply means ‘fly’ in Greek, giving the new age bride the most exquisite set of wings as she stands at the brink of a new journey, ready to take flight. There is nothing predictable or run of the mill about this collection and a bride is sure to stand out in any of their impeccably crafted pieces. This exclusive collection includes both jadau as well as diamond work, finely cast with the wing embedded in its  design to express just how special the wearer is. The collection showcases an array of Neckpieces, Earrings, Rings, Palm Rings, Hairbands and Bracelets.

The Jaipur Jewels woman is an embodiment of self-confidence, grace, ambition, self-awareness, regality and invincibility.

So free yourself from the shackles of dusty old traditions and embrace your own set of wings.

Jaipur Jewels stores are located in Mumbai and will shortly be open in Delhi.

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Photography – Ishaan Nair (@DustyFloorSoldDoors)

Hair Glam – Anchal Morwani (@Hot.Hair.Balloon)


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