A Shining Start


Jaipur Jewels has a 150 years of legacy spanned over seven generations. The brand has evolved from creating some of the finest ornaments for the Royals to conjuring up the choicest bespoke creations for the style conscious in the 21st century.


From a humble beginning, the modest acorn swiftly matures into a robust oak tree. Going beyond being the jeweller of choice for royal families, Jaipur Jewels has developed into a flourishing enterprise, one that endures as the mark of a new breed. Young and pioneering, the House’s passion for creating avant-garde pieces leaves its patrons mesmerised, time after time. 


Backed by a rich legacy and 150 years’ worth of tradition, the men behind the brand are driven by a thirst for ingenuity. Apart from arresting collections that embrace contemporary muses, what keeps Jaipur Jewels resilient through changing tastes and times is their acknowledged eye for great design, coupled with consistent attention to detail. 

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